Sunday, 7 November 2010

Strawberry Carmex

I haven't seen this Strawberry Carmex in England! I'm very sad. I picked this up in San Francisco. I seriously love it and it is my fave lip balm ever. Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK that sells it? I can't stand the cherry one and the original one is way too boring for my liking! 
Take note - once applying this, do not take a sip of diet coke until it has dried - make the cola taste of beer. 

Hugs & Kisses


  1. Ive never tried this one but it looks great. i use the kiehls one i just love it, kinda expensive for lipbalm but it really is great. love your new blog too its fab!

  2. how odd! i haven't had carmex in years. i have quite an obsession with lip balms, but i prefer natural lip balms. you can see some of my suggestions on my naturally beautiful blog on natural home's website: