Saturday, 6 November 2010

Review - Batiste Gold Shimmer

I am a huge fan of anything sparkly or shimmery, so when I spotted this I instantly swiped it and put it in my basket.

The smell reminded me of my teenage years, as my sister pointed out it smelt like Spice Girls Impulse body spray. Now that does take me back, like a whole decade. woops.
I couldn't wait to use it and did so on Friday night at the Aussie Take The Heat launch. I really didn't realise how much glitter would come out when sprayed, but I can tell you its a whole lot. If you still live with your parents, then let them know and ask what room would be ok to use this. Also spray it before you put your clothes one. It's like an exploding bomb - I kid you not. On the other hand I love a bit of glitter so I sprayed loads. I'm now covered in it and everyone that enters my rooms is too.

I wouldn't use this on a daily basis, but would be more than happy to for a night out with the girl or a christmas party.

Has anyone tried this?

Hugs & Kisses


  1. ahhh once glitter enters your room, it never leaves haha xxxx

  2. hi!!! thanks a lot for your comment!

    have a lovely weekend!! xoxo ♥

  3. Hold on! Spice Girls Impulse Body Spray? OMG I still have 2 bottle of those things XD, I don't use them but I have a bit of a problem in letting go XD


  4. hahaha! yikes :) i love glitter and all things sparkly, too, but i'm not sure about this one...